"ADA University" işçi axtarır - VAKANSİYA

"ADA University" işçi axtarır - VAKANSİYA
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"ADA University" işçi axtarır - VAKANSİYA

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Budgeting and Financial Analyst


Performs financial analysis of strategic and operations investments, initiatives and projects of the university, makes recommendations on the financial and economic perspectives of investments, contributes to development of the financial analysis and budgeting system, capability and business processes. Performs financial analysis of investment spending in the budget as and when necessary. Undertakes necessary financial and economic analyses with the aim of enhancing capital structure and resource allocation efficiency of the university. Supports preparation and execution of the budget.  Contributes to the design and implementation of financial/accounting systems and reports. Develops and delivers financial management training programs as needed.  


• Lends full advisory and technical support to the preparation, execution and evaluation of the university budget;
• Supports development of the budgeting system, relevant policies and business processes.
• Conducts financial cost-benefit and sensitivity analyses of strategic initiatives and investment projects;
• Conducts cost-effectiveness analysis of investment projects and spending (when cost-benefit analysis is not an optimal option);
• Develops integrated revenue/expense analyses, projections, reports, and presentations, compiles and develops detailed cost estimates of programs and operations;
• Conducts comparative analysis of the budget and investment projects by comparing actual results versus projected estimates, analyzes causes of any deviation, identifies lessons learnt and makes recommendations for improving the budgeting, financial and investment analysis processes and techniques further;
• Provides technical support to development of effective methodology for cost and revenue estimations, develops cost co-efficient and standards as needed;
• Contributes to development of necessary policies, businesses processes and systems for conducting effective financial analysis of investments;
• Conducts regular reviews and analyses of financial results of the university, develops recommendations for improving financial results, capital structure and resource allocations.
• Collaborates with academic and functional units to ensure consistent reporting and full compliance with financial reporting and university’s budgeting policies and procedures;
• Analyzes internal financial reporting systems and procedures of the University, and recommends enhancements;
• Contributes to development and execution of automatized financial analysis applications and tools;
• Contributes to identification and mitigation of macro, financial and operational risks in capital allocation and financial management processes of the university;
• Develops, designs and executes necessary trainings and coaching on all aspects of financial analysis and budgeting including systems, rules and business processes; 
• Performs other tasks and duties as assigned.


• Bachelor's degree in business administration, finance, financial economics; 
• A master’s degree in business administration or finance, with excellent capability for using MS Excel or other data / statistics software;
• Excellent communication and writing skills in Azerbaijani and English;
• 3 years of direct experience in budgeting, financial and economic analysis, financial management functions;
• Capability to provide professional technical support and guidance in financial analysis, modeling and reporting;
• Capability to provide professional technical support and guidance on developing and executing budgeting;
• Good knowledge of principles, processes, and standards for integrated financial analysis and reporting;
• Capability to compile, analyze, interpret, and present complex annual financial reports, statements, and/or projections;
• Capability to analyze and re-engineer business processes, systems and procedures in respect to budgeting and financial analysis, to formulate and propose enhancements to relevant policies and processes, and to develop and execute new strategies and procedures;
• Capability to plan, execute and administer financial information and control systems.
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills, drive to take initiatives, and effective collaboration skills;
• Good knowledge of national financial accounting and reporting rules / regulations;
• Capability to develop and conduct training programs and/or workshops.

Interested candidates are requested to submit, preferably in Word or PDF format, attached to an e-mail message:

(1) a letter of interest specifying suitability for the position, when available and minimum expected salary (in AZN), (2) an updated resume and (3) the names, email and business addresses of at least 3 references.

Send materials via e-mail to recruitment@ada.edu.az specifying the Job Title in the subject line. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. The cut-off date for application is April 04th, 2018. ADA University offers a competitive remuneration package and attractive conditions of employment of high standard.

For more information about ADA University, please visit www.ada.edu.az