"Chinar Hotel & SPA" işçi axtarır - VAKANSİYA

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"Chinar Hotel & SPA" işçi axtarır - VAKANSİYA

Job title – Marketing coordinator

Job Description:

The primary function of the Marketing coordinator position is the creation and execution of a comprehensive marketing plan for “Chinar Hotel & SPA Naftalan”. This position is responsible for managing all aspects of marketing at the corporate level and support of the individual platform functions on a day‐to‐day basis. The employee should have strong writing and communication skills in addition to a natural eye for formatting, colors, and appealing aesthetics to ensure a professional, brand consistency.


• Manage all marketing materials, website updates, and social media presence on behalf of the Company
• Manage Social Media Channels, preparing monthly calendars
• Manage Google Adwords campaigns
• Manage Vide / Photo shootings
• Manage hotel’s database of press & guests
• Control surveys to assess customer requirements and dedication
• Responsible for corporate messaging development and distribution
• Be the last point of contact with Hotel deliverables before they are published / distributed ensuring all formatting, aesthetics and content are in line with brand standards and expectations
• Proactively generate ways to advance the hotel’s brand in industry trade publications, digital media, speaking opportunities, conference participation and other forms of advertising
• Actively market and promote Company news and project development, property management and acquisition activities including formal press release distribution, article development / pitch, social media, etc.
• Prepare and manage leasing materials and project marketing materials as needed
• Write articles on behalf of Hotel/key employees
• Responsible for the distribution and content of e-newsletter
• Assist team in the preparation of new business materials including, new business meeting pitch and prep, presentations, etc.
• Develop branded materials as needed: PowerPoint Template, and other supporting materials
• To participate during creating the annual marketing plan/budget
• Ensure documents and marketing materials are current, accurate and properly reflect the brand and desired messaging
• Organizing Press Trip itineraries, meeting bloggers, influencers, journalists, etc.
• Performs other duties as assigned which are in the best interests of the Hotel
• Knowledge of languages: Azerbaijani, Russian, English (Fluent)

Interested candidates are requested to send their CV to kamran.rzayev@chinarhotel.com by indicating the position title (Marketing coordinator) in the subject line of your email.

Application deadline is 20 September 2021.