"Winter Park Hotel Baku" işçi axtarır - VAKANSİYA

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"Winter Park Hotel Baku" işçi axtarır - VAKANSİYA

Department:  Finance

Position:  Income Auditor

Employer: Kapital Invest LLC

Address: Address: M.A. Aliyev str. 210, Nasimi district, Baku, Azerbaijan

Web: www.winterparkhotel.net

Winter Park Hotel Baku” is looking for Income Auditor.


 Income Auditor Responsible to ensure that all revenue of the hotel has been properly recorded.
 Has of ensuring that all revenue reports are properly supported with documents and are reconciled with the cash takings.
 All supporting documentation is reviewed for exceptions and irregularities in order to ensure that there are no indicators of personnel fraud and revenue misappropriation or misstatement.
 The Income Auditor will ensure that no exceptions go undetected.
 The Income Auditor should verify the room discrepancy report on a daily basis to ensure that all occupied rooms have been billed.
 The Income Auditor will ensure that data from MICROS are reconciled for each outlet on a daily basis.
 Conduct regular spot checks in all the F&B Outlets of the hotel to ensure that checks have been opened for all tables occupied, that all items on the tables have been included in the check, that the checks have been closed in the system immediately on settlement by the guest etc.
 The Income Auditor will verify that all Void invoices in the system have been reconciled.
 The Income Auditor will ensure that the market segmentation section of the Excel daily report is maintained on a daily basis as per established procedure.
 The Income Auditor will review daily the Exceeded Credit Limit report and regularly check personally, all credit documentation held at the Front-Desk. 
 Check daily all previous days Front-Office “Paid-Outs” and verify if authorized 
 Check daily all previous days Front-Office allowances and all authorizations, such as Staff and Complimentary rooms, Guest transportation requests and verify if authorized.
 The Income Auditor will verify from cash-box journal, with General cashier all payments received by cash, credit card, travelers checks and city ledger amounts.
  Conduct spot checks on all cashier floats in Front-office reception and F&B Outlets at least once weekly and as directed by Director of Finance.
  Review, verify and reconcile with posting journal and daily report all transactions from Business Center summary reports to include,
 All previous days fax transmission charges , previous days telex charges, previous days photocopy charges, previous days secretarial and translation services
 All previous days ancillary income from Business Center
 Should  check all restaurants and bar invoices and reconcile with system generated   sequential numbering. Any missing invoices to be immediately investigated.
 Prepare a file, with copies of all previous days canceled and void checks,  from front-office and food and beverage outlets, to be reviewed and signed off , by the General Manager, Director of Finance, Front-Office Manager and  Director of Sales & Marketing. All canceled and void checks to be kept on file for later reference and possible verification by external auditors and Tax ministry officials. 
 The Income Auditor will ensure on a daily basis all Front-Office & F&B Outlet invoices, where VAT exemption status has been granted, as in the case of the Diplomatic community and/or zero rated Companies, these are very carefully reviewed. It is extremely important that supporting documentation, as per established Hotel procedure is attached and archived for easy reference at a later date.
 Should confirm and verify daily telephone log of administrative extensions on a weekly basis.
 Should verify that all health club income and membership fees are correctly recorded and that there is no unauthorized use of these facilities.
 The Income Auditor will verify daily from Front-office trial balance all miscellaneous sales, with authorized supporting vouchers, to relevant records.
 The Income Auditor will ensure that the archive room is maintained in order and all documentation filed in date chronological order, daily close reports, guest invoices, restaurant checks and vouchers according to established procedure and take account of the retention schedule. 
 The Income Auditor will forward by the 1st  of each month, to the Cost Controller and the Director of Finance a summary of all previous months management personnel accounts.
 Responsible for processing all credit card refunds after proper verification and authorization by the Director of Finance.
 Responsible for reconciling F&B Banquet revenues to the function sheets and presenting them the F&B Manager, Director of Finance and General Manager for review and approval.
 Responsible for ensuring all  No Shows are billed in accordance with instructions received from the Sales and Marketing Department.
 Responsible for reconciling the totals of batches of the various credit cards with that shown by the Opera system.

 University education in Finance, Accounting or Economics
 2 years’ experience in Finance /Hotel experience preferable.
 Must be fluent on 3 languages – Azerbaijan, English & Russian.
 Advanced computer user.
 Communicative skills.
 Proficient user of finance software
 A solid understanding accounting principles
 To carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as may be assigned.
 To have complete understanding of the policy relating to fire, safety and health.
 To respond to changes in departmental functions as dictated by the management
 To act as a department team member and involve in projecting a good personal/department and company image.
 To maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and appearance at all times.
 To be punctual and support to maintain discipline within the department
Interested Candidates, please send your CV to   hr@winterparkhotel.net
Please type “Income Auditor”  in the subject line of your message.
CVs without position name Indication in subject will not be considered